Saturday, October 11, 2008

What are you worth?

In my contemplation and prayer this sabbath, I felt compelled to write the following:

MONEY...what is the value or worth? Isn't it between 2 people or parties, one buying and one selling? Then the value of it becomes a negotiation until an agreement of its VALUE is reached.

YAH....What then is our value to the Creator? Isn't the agreement between Him and us, in that if we agree to His commandments, He gives us greater WORTH? Without our agreement to Him, then don't we become WORTHLESS? Doesn't He strive with us to agree to His ways so that He can give us VALUE? Purpose?

The comparison of the two....

Money, normally, has been based upon something that has a common VALUE. We all agree that gold, silver, diamonds have an intrinsic WORTH or VALUE, but even that value fluctuates. Today's MONEY, however, is not based on any of those commodities, it's based on one's trust in GOVERNMENTS. It is what some call 'FIAT' currency, not backed by a commodity but on a set of principals. Those principals are failing now, because the foundation of those principals was not based on God's Word, which brings value to EVERYTHING. Today's money has been based on GREED, something that is valueless, knowing no end, and worth NOTHING to anyone except for the person experiencing it.

I talked to a dear sister a couple of weeks ago, and told her this: The solution to this is the JUBILEE. The slate must be wiped clean, the threshing floor swept, and the value to everything reset to ZERO. There is a story about Yahshua visiting Zacheus, and when he swore to give half of everything he had to the poor, Yahshua proclaimed that the kingdom of heaven had come to his house that night. SO....imagine if the RICH then gave half of their money to the poor. The rich then become humble, the poor get raised up, and BOTH enter into the Kingdom of heaven.
A hard concept for most people, which is why Yahshua said it was almost impossible for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom. Will you enter in?

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