Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just a theory of mine....

I have an email subscription to "Universe Today', a daily astroNomy newsletter. (I spelled it that way to bring distinction with astroLogy, which is a no-no). If you enjoy the 'workings' of the Universe, you would probably enjoy it.
I saw a story today concerning the satellite views we are receiving from Saturn. The story is here...
....and I would suggest reading it before continuing reading this post. Just notice the part about the Saturn hexagon at the north pole of the planet.(BTW you can also subscribe to the daily email on that page.)

Ok, done? Good.
I also noticed that a couple of readers comments sent the following links:

If you've looked at those pages, and you're still with me, then I will explain my theory and how all this 'stuff' may pertain to scripture:

If you recall(and if you don't, look it up...LOL)Ezekiel 40 and Revelation 21 both give dimensions for the third temple, or, if you prefer, the new heavens and earth. When you compare the two, one is the physical earth temple(Ezekiel 40) and the other is a spiritual temple. Both are SQUARE in shape, but the heavenly Rev. 21 temple is CUBED. I have thought of this for many years wondering the significance of it. One aspect of it that I have found is the METATRON CUBE, the 2 dimensional figure of it is the picture for my profile. But I still had no answer as to how or why the spiritual temple is CHANGED to a cube, or how that would come about.

The answer very well may be found in the links that I just gave you. Notice that the shape made in the middle of the water was not round(as we might expect), but took on various shapes including SQUARE. Notice also that in order to accomplish this, the rotation to make the shape had to be sped up. The thought then occurred to me what Yahshua said...'If the DAYS WERE NOT SHORTENED, NO FLESH WOULD BE SAVED.' What would it take for the heavens to take on a SQUARE SHAPE? The answer: the earth would have to rotate FASTER. It is this rotation which is one dynamic with Saturn to create the hexagon shape at the pole. So, if the earth rotates faster, THE DAY IS SHORTENED.
There is another aspect to throw into this: the FERVENT HEAT. Isaiah, Yahshua and Peter all spoke about a fire judgement(just as there was a water judgement in Noah's day)that was forthcoming. This change in the dynamics of our puny little planet in the greater scheme of things could be what ends up saving a part of mankind.
Just a theory....or maybe I just have too much time on my hands?

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