Thursday, July 05, 2007

A word to the State of Israel

Sh'ma Israel,
Thus saith YHWH Lord of Hosts,
You have been making decisions for me, and they have not been good ones. There are my people who want to come and serve me, yet you will not let them in, therefore I am cursing this land and this people. Bring these people in and I will pour out a blessing from heaven. They love me, they love my Torah, and they love my Word. Let them come, establish them in my fields, for they do not work for money, they work for Me. I am about to bring judgement to this world, and establish my Law in the hearts of whom I will spare, and I am about to cut off the seed of some of you.Seek what I spoke to Jeremiah about. I will bring in a righteous branch to this land, a seed of David, a people worthy of Me, from all the nations which I have scattered them. Humble yourselves, do not be stiff-necked, and I will spare you of my judgements against the unrighteous, the adulterers, those that swear falsely, those who are selling their brothers for interest, who oppress the widow, the orphan and the traveller. Fear Me, return to Me with all your heart, and I will return to you.
Thus saith YHWH Lord of Hosts,Through His servant Michael.