Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An observation of the next sign?

First of all, if you have not read about the sign given in Revelation 12:1-2, you should scroll down until you get to a picture of what looks like a woman laying on her side and read that.
What I'm addressing now continues from that point. Notice what the next verses say....

Rev 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Notice the picture posted here, which I took with my Starry night program. I combined two images so that you could see that the constellation DRACO, which means 'dragon', is in the northern sky. This is actually pretty normal....Draco has been in our northern sky for a long time. I found it rather interesting, though, that if you take the view from Israel, and consider the current situation going on, Israel is shooting missiles at Draco as they fire upon Lebanon. The constellation rotates around but has been in the northern sky consistently for many millenium. I actually 'rewound' the clock with the program, and at around 4500 bc or so(give or take 500 years), it starts to drop below the horizon. In other words, around 4500 bc Draco started appearing on the horizon of the earth.
I leave it up to you to judge the significance, if any, of this to the current war with Lebanon, but I feel safe to say that the war with the 'dragon' is on.
I usually leave 'personal' notes off this, because it is the Word which matters, not me. But, an odd thing happened to me. I was in Israel for the last three months(thats as long as I can stay, since I MUST confess Yahshua as my 'rabbi', and 'they' just don't seem to accept that yet). I booked my round trip ticket at the end of March, entering the country in mid-April, and leaving on July 12. Yea, I left the same day they started bombing Lebanon. And for a majority of the time I had been staying with believers in the north country. While I'm at it, I would definitely solicit your prayers for safety for all true believers who are in the north country, for their protection or removal during what I feel will be a very challenging time.

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