Monday, November 14, 2005

More on Messiah's return

I am in the process of doing a study on how and what Yahshua taught from the Torah and the Old Testament as a whole. I'm using the book of Matthew, going chapter by chapter. I was looking at Matt.3, the reference to John the Baptist using the harvest of wheat analogy, and I stumbled upon something that may be included in the overall picture of Messiah's return.
If you look in Exodus 9, you will find the account of hail mixed with fire falling on Egypt. Note that in this account, in verse 31, it indicates that the BARLEY was destroyed, because it was abib, but, in verse 32, the wheat and rye were NOT destroyed because they were not grown up. This again indicates around the time of what would later become PASSOVER, the spring of the year.
More as it is revealed.....

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sistersaint said...

I beleive we are in the beginnings of the end, but I am not worried. Just be prepared. Jesus is still on the Throne, and many have to come still into the kingdom. Just remember you are not the only "prophet" there are others who also believe, don't lose heart, or feel alone.
In Christ