Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mark of the beast

Personally, going purely by scripture, the mark of the beast is the worship of money(see Deut. 6, and 1Kings 10:14), but I thought I would pass this along to anyone who thinks otherwise. The link shows what computer technology is capable of these days...


polly said...

I thought the mark of the beast was worshiping on Sunday oppose to observing the Sabbath?

Michael said...

Hi Polly,
If you go purely by scripture, the mark of the beast is as Yahshua taught...the worship of money, which is why you have the 'all seeing eye' on the back of the dollar earthly sign of a heavenly designation.
Here is the outline for it: the beast requires everyone(free and slave)to receive the mark(buy or sell), and it is in/on their hand and forehead(see Deut. 6:8, as this MIRRORS the command that God's Laws should be in our hand and in our forehead). This is further confirmed with the MARK 666, which is given in 1Kings 10:14, the amount of GOLD Solomon was given each year.
Remember also that Solomon prayed not for riches, but for God's Wisdom, and because He placed God's righteousness FIRST, the riches were given to him.
Remember also, before Yahshua ascended, He commanded them to go out with extra clothes AND A PURSE.
So, render unto Caesar that which is Caesars, and unto God that which is Gods.
The Sunday worship is not a BAD thing. You should worship EVERY DAY. BUT, its a matter of whether you call Sunday SABBATH or not. Even to today, the Roman calendar bears witness against it. But that is a whole different issue.

Anonymous said...

The mark of the beast is not any singular thing, but anything which has to do with anything which is anti messianic. It is the sign for those who can discern the Spirits that this spirit is not of Messiah.

The 666 is seen also in the pagan hexagram of six points, six triangles and a hexagram for the center. Strictly satanic not a Holy sign for Israel from YHWH, for none of the Apostles Prophets or Yahshua Himself ever used such an image, but rebuked anyone who associated with such pagan images.