Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global warming/fervent heat is NOT caused by man!

I recently found the following article on CNN News, which confirms scripture, although most, if examined just on the surface, would probably not realize it. The thought that comes to mind is that heaven and earth BEAR WITNESS against man. One way, of course, is with signs in the heavens, which I've shared in a previous post here(way down near the bottom of this blog). However, now we have a 'second witness' to the fervent heat, and the simple fact that it is NOT being caused by man. Recall Isaiah 30:26 that it will be like the LIGHT of seven is the story....(Added: the link to the story has changed. You can now find it at: . )

CHICAGO, Illinois (Reuters) -- Earth's dusty neighbor Mars is grappling with its own form of climate change as fluctuating solar radiation is kicking up dust and winds that may be melting the planet's southern polar ice cap, scientists said Wednesday.
Researchers have been watching the changing face of Mars for years, studying slight differences in the brightness and darkness of its surface.
These changes in brightness have been generally attributed to the presence of dust, but until now their effect on wind circulation and climate has not been clear.
NASA scientist Lori Fenton and colleagues, reporting this week in the journal Nature, now believe variations in radiation from the surface of Mars are fueling strong winds that stir up giant dust storms, trapping heat and raising the planet's temperature.
By studying changes in light reflected from the surface of Mars -- a measure known as an object's albedo -- they predict the red planet has warmed by around 1 degree Fahrenheit from the 1970s to the 1990s, which may in part have caused the recent retreat of the southern polar ice cap.(Story continues at the website).

Notice the beginning of the story, that they say outright that the cause is SOLAR RADIATION.
I am not a scientific genius, but one has to ask the question: why is MARS experiencing the same GLOBAL WARMING as we are? Simple: we both receive light from the same source, of course. It bears witness that we are seeing changes, predicted in scripture, that has nothing to do with man, and everything to do with Yah.
Coming soon to a planet near you!

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