Friday, July 08, 2005

The meaning of the title

I want to explain the meaning of the title of this blog, so that when all is said and done you will understand. It doesn't matter whether you want to BELIEVE it or not, it is going to happen. The only decision you have to make is whether you will make it to the other side of it or not. That is what your choice is. And by reading this, you no longer have an have been told.
Our world is entering into a transition phase, a phase in which mankind is being completed. That is the END part. The beginning is really at the end of this transition. So, let me explain to you what the END will be like, then we'll cover the BEGINNING part.
Before I do, let me say that it doesn't matter what 'religion' you are. It will come down to some vital parts of your belief, which I will cover. I am going to reference what most call the Bible, simply because it is the truth. It is not MY truth, like some new age people would like to explain away, it is THE TRUTH. How do I know this? Because the Bible is IN every major religion, and it's in our everyday lives. It is the only 'document' that was written directly from the voice and fingers of God. The Ten commandments EXIST today, whether you want to BELIEVE it does not matter. You observe at least some of those commandments in your everyday life. Society as a whole TRIES to enforce at least some of those commandments. It is from those commandments that everything else comes from. All the laws that society has stems from trying to teach each other HOW to 'love thy neighbor', which, in case you haven't looked, is in both the Old and the New Testament.(Lev. 19:18/Matt.22:39)
At this point, you might be thinking that I'm trying to pass along some 'christian fundamentalism', or whatever title you want to give it. It is really unfortunate that, because of SO much false teachers and preachers out there CLAIMING to know the truth, many will perish because they follow them. Look at how many people have been mourning for the pope. Why? What did he change? He simply continued to reinforce a doctrine of man that was established about 1700 years ago. They do not follow the Bible, they follow their laws which THEY CHANGED FROM THE BIBLE. The same could be said about christianity, islam, or any other 'religion'. They take bits and pieces of the original commands that God gave, and then change and manipulate it for CONTROL over the society they are in. Those calling themselves 'Jews' do it in Israel. Even Mohammed admitted to things about the 'keepers of the Book'. By acknowledging scripture, he still was admitting that there was something greater than his writings, and some of his writings were taken FROM it. But that is a digression I won't get into here.
At this point, I must interject here....YES, there was one who gave His life for the sacrifice of mankind. His real name is Yahshua....the name 'Jesus' was created later and is false, HOWEVER, the testimony given in the New Testament is true about the man. He is spoken about in the Old Testament as well. Although most 'christians' really have no clue what it means when they say to 'believe in Jesus', let me spell it out to you: He came and died for the sins of mankind as a perfect sacrifice, He was resurrected from the dead, and He was the physical manifestation of GOD'S LAWS. Yahshua is the 'line in the sand', and depending on which side of that line you are on will determine in part whether you survive what's coming.
Back to the END...what is the END? It is the completion to the present structure of things. The lifestyle that most have been living will be done away with, and I'll interject here....few will survive. It is given in Isaiah as 'the great slaughter'. Money will be done away with, you can expect a financial collapse soon, starting with the American dollar. Material possessions...all your 'toys' that make your life so nice and easy(including the computer you're using right now), will be done away with. Many will die, because they choose to defend themselves with weapons of various makes, or because they do not survive physical changes that will occur. At some point, the sun will grow sevenfold, burning up at least half the planet, maybe more. Already the polar ice caps are melting, releasing germs that have been there for centuries. Obviously, I'm describing some physical manifestations that will occur, but these are ALL from God, and are given in scripture.
As awful as this all sounds, there is good that will come from this, which is then the BEGINNING. Although many will perish, there will still be some that will survive. Scripture calls them 'the great multitude'. These will be people of peace, people who either KNOW the commands or people who will be willing to LEARN the commands of God. The BEGINNING is the start of the everlasting covenant of peace. As I said before, money will be gone, the entire structure of 'society' will change, and best of all, those remaining will be at peace. There will no longer be war. The earth will be at rest.
Some of this you already know, because mankind is already groaning at these things. You may be feeling something 'inside', but you don't have a firm idea of what it is. You may know 'something' is about to occur, and you would be right. So, you have to make a choice now.....will you continue in 'your ways' or will you turn to the Bible to learn God's ways? Like I wrote before, you know the truth now, and it doesn't matter whether you BELIEVE it or not. You must make a choice. And make it very soon.

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